Expert FSO is a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted outsourced Facility Security Officer (FSO) support service that provides administrative support, stays abreast of DSS updates, monitors compliance with requirements, performs reporting functions, and ensures your company’s compliance is an ongoing priority.

Our expertise and attention to detail, which ranges from enforcement of regulations to communication involving program changes, is second to none. We keep our customers abreast of these changes at no additional charge, as it is part of our standard high-quality service.

Expert FSO assists contractor companies doing business with the US Federal Government maintain their Facility Clearance (FCL), as required by Defense Security Services (DSS).

All of our services are provided on a nationwide basis to help our clients meet and exceed the many and evolving requirements of the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

Maintaining this coveted designation is critical, and if improperly monitored and governed, there can be a devastating impact ranging from business interruption to suspension or elimination of the FCL. Every organization with this designation, regardless of size, must work diligently to maintain their proper standing.

Securing and maintaining facility clearances are a big part of national security, and we at Expert FSO strive to ensure that your company can focus on providing the core services and work that you do best, while we handle the rest.

Communication is essential, and includes the understanding and sharing of integral correspondence and updates from the government with your key officials and staff. Let us help you succeed and maintain a healthy compliant organization so that your business can continue to grow in this ultra-competitive and demanding environment.