Security Vulnerability Assessment

What Happened

  • DSS scheduled a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) with with a company who had not been visited by DSS in over 3 years.
  • The assessment took place and the company was given a “marginal” rating with 15 days to mitigate all vulnerabilities sited on the inspection before the Facility Clearance would he “Administratively Terminated”
  • Expert FSO received a call from the company asking that we help them with these vulnerabilities.
  • For several days an Expert FSO consultant was on site assisting with this cleanup and the mitigations.
  • All vulnerabilities we mitigated in the time requested.
  • The company ended up utilizing Expert FSO for all of their day to day Security tasks and DSS compliance matters on a regular basis



  • The company was able to maintain their Facility Clearance
  • The company no longer has to worry about their Security program now that they have full support from Expert FSO
  • The same company had a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) a year and a half later and received a “Commendable” rating from DSS.
  • Key Management and Executives can focus back on other priorities without worrying about Security