Rebecca Andino, President & CEO, Highlight Technologies, LLC

We are extremely pleased with the responsiveness and expertise that Expert FSO provides our teams. As a small business, Expert FSO is a strategic partner that enables us to comply with complex security regulations including the NISPOM, in a cost-effective approach. We have used Expert FSO for over a year as our company grew from 65 to 130 employees. Their security consultant works as an integrated team with our recruiting, HR, and PMs to handle every aspect of personnel security for our employees, following the agency-specific procedures for a dozen different DoD and civilian agencies. Everyone on our teams has complete confidence in our Security Consultant, and in fact, based on an internal survey, our security department (Expert FSO) has the highest employee satisfaction rating for responsiveness and effectiveness. If there is a challenging security issue to discuss with a customer or vendor, Expert FSO will help us. They help us implement and maintain our industrial security posture, conduct internal inspections, and ensure we are fully prepared for Site Assistance Visits. Hiring Expert FSO was one of the best decisions we have made, and I highly recommend them to any business that needs expert security support at a flexible level of effort.